About us

The global logistics business is changing, the concern of customers is about getting an excellent service at a reasonable cost.

Hence, your customer experience is largely dependent on the efficiency of your delivery service.

Our delivery service is efficient and effective to handle deliveries for all your retail businesses which cut across pick up of items shopped for, including food, parcels, documents, items and palette of goods, amongst other regular pick-up and drop-off one off deliveries.

All you need to do is to schedule your parcel collection at your desired pick up and drop off location. Our service is just a phone call away, simply dial 081419460660, 08025311996 to schedule a pick up or delivery. Our pickup services are currently available within Lagos and Benin.

We aim to become a major delivery service in Nigeria, number one customers choice by catering to your delivery needs efficiently and effectively.

At AGRL, we don’t just care about pick up, delivering and other services we render; we care about timelines, professionalism and exceeding your expectations. We have a team of professional and result driven individuals always ready to answer to your call, complaints, queries and requests.

Given the strategic position of delivery to individual and corporate business operations, and the enormous distraction that goes with such,especially in a busy metropolitan city like Lagos and Benin, AGRL has come to partner with your businesses to make it a “win-win” for all stake holders.
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